Key SEO Techniques In The Year 2015

SEO has risen to heights over the past few years. Its importance cannot be challenged anymore. To stay current in this continuously evolving discipline, it is necessary to ensure that you’re up-to-date on the major and if possible minor changes occurring every year. Businesses across all segments saw remarkable progress upon adopting SEO technologies. Clients today prefer web design companies that integrate SEO strategies into their overall web design/ development solution. For example: Bing Digital is an award winning ecommerce web design firm that offers SEO as a specialized service. To get an understanding of SEO and how it works visit –

Some key SEO practices developed in 2015 to scale up to growing customer needs and expectation are listed below.

How To Expand On The Basics
SEO has begun to emerge as a separate discipline. This has led to greater interest to expand and even integrate traditional marketing ideas and concepts into SEO for the creation of niche, segmented audience. The idea is to target audiences better based on this merging. This has all the more found favor after the loss of keyword data in Google Analytics. Simply put, knowing individual helps service their needs better. Any market insight into who a person is, their personal preferences etc is valuable data. SEO is now working towards handling adjacent markets, discovering new keywords for every business to target upon, identify the kind of content that works and that which doesn’t, look for areas where a competitor is doing well and study how to perform better than them.

Mobile SEO Technology Is On The Rise
In the year 2015 a boom was experienced in mobile platform usage for purposes like online shopping. E-commerce websites and brands must therefore have well-strategized mobile marketing in place. Therefore a web solution should have developing a mobile site as a mandatory requirement. Whatever the solution the expectation from Google is that you display your content within a fraction of a second, else you lose visibility. Slow sites will impact your ranking negatively.

Metrics, Analyses And Easy Reporting
The danger in collating large amount of data lies in the inability to segregate data and find meaning, patterns and strategies to improve on performance. Efforts are being made to simplify this complex process, identify KPIs, measure identifying the right metrics to draw inferences that are more accurate. Reporting is therefore a key area that is being worked upon. Technology is being developed that can collate data from different systems simultaneously into a single platform to be able to analyze more real time data and unearth hidden patterns.

SEO Data Integration Across The Board
There are no islands. Teams across different businesses, industries are working towards achieving similar goals. Best practices and research results are being shared across channels to stay on top of the game. Sharing data is a symbiotic act that leads to building a stronger platform on which to base a customer’s SEO strategies.

SEO is now a specialized field. Keeping track of the latest developments is paramount. An annual round-up on SEO technologies is in place especially to keep track of individual breakthroughs and how they can impact clients in this global arena.