Review Of The Pebble Smartwatch

Smartwatches and wearable technology are taking the world by storm. Ever since it was introduced, its popularity has only soared and many players have started introducing their own devices. There plenty of products in the market now and choosing a smartwatch can be a nightmare.

Pebble has been one of the pioneers in making the smartwatches. It started as a Kickstarter project when wearable devices were not so popular. The company’s latest offering Pebble Steel looks much smarter than the initial one. Here we bring you an exclusive Pebble steel review to understand what is it about this watch that makes it so exciting.

Pebble Steel looks classy and sharp. It a fantastic upgrade from the original version of the Pebble, the steel strap gives it a more stylish look. The stainless Pebble watch looks almost like a jewelry than a watch. It has the same cool technological feature inside with enhanced look.

The steel casing has a great aesthetic appeal to the watch and the inside of the watch kind of remains the same. Some of the modifications from the original Pebble watch is that it has more space and the matte stainless steel looks much better than the original plastic one. It’s somewhat like meeting a friend in an expensive designer wear than her usual clothing. Therefore, it wasn’t surprising to notice what Pebble has done to their new design.

The Pebble Steel is definitely faster and it zips very quickly. There have been some software upgrades that has made this possible. If you have an older version of the Pebble, a software update must provide you with better user experience and an improvement in the speed as well.

Pebble app also looks simple and straightforward and you can control many of the functions by using gestures with your wrist. By installing apps that are optimized for use with Pebble, you could more out of your watch. For example, Yelp app that can be installed on the smartwatch provides suggestions based on the location and the ESPN app automatically displays the scores for your favorite game. Simple and easy access to notifications is one of the key focus areas of Pebble devices.

Many people had questions about Pebble when they started out whether they will be able to create something that is so far only discussed in papers. But, ever since the first Pebble was launched, it has overtaken companies that are way bigger than itself. It has established itself as a leading company that makes innovative products and giving the large companies a tough competition. They have already introduced an updated version of their earlier product and it looks like they are here to stay. Pebble Steel is the best-looking smartwatch with a steel casing. By introducing this, Pebble is already way ahead of its competitors in terms of design and innovation.

You can buy this watch for a price of $199 and regardless of which one you choose, you get matching steel band and a leather band. They will certainly be a good companion to use along with your smartphone.