OBD2 Scanner – The Right Selection

It is a good feeling if you can find out what is wrong with your car. Else, you will need to wait until a mechanic shows up and check the vehicle. This process is a complete waste of time if you can diagnose the issue with the car yourself. Didn’t that sound good? So here is the good news. There are OBD2 scanners available in the market which you can use to find out what is wrong with your car. using car diagnostic tools, not only saves time, but also helps you to understand your vehicle. Consumerreports.org says that people who use car diagnostic tools have got a complete idea of the issues that can happen to a car.

A wide variety of OBD2 scanners are available in the market, and the cost also varies from one another. In 2017 itself, new scanners have been launched for the easiness of the car owner. The OBD2 scanner, if selected wisely can arguably give you the best service. Let’s have a look at the different types or categories of scanners that are currently available in the market.

The Basic OBD2 Scanner

This is the much used and preferred OBD2 code reader. The price is less when compared to other scanners. This scanner helps you to clear the codes and helps you in resetting the engine light. For basic checking, the scanner is the suggested one for all the users. As a DIY scanner, it is easy to handle and can give you a clear picture about the issue. For basic checking, rather than buying a costly one, this scanner should come handy.

The Multi Useful OBD2 Scanner

If you have issues other than the engine light check, like troubleshooting issues, you can opt for a multi useful scanner or the multi OBD2 scanner. Issues like anti-lock brakes, transmission, airbags and tire pressure can be monitored using this scanner. This OBD2 scanner is capable enough to read and reset the codes on a different system. This will be a good selection if you are the person who works on your car frequently. The functions of this scanner can be understood once you use the same. The functions are no different from the basic scanner. The only thing is that multiple scanners work more efficiently. The price for these scanners may vary according to the functions.

There are also other scanners which are used for professional assistance. These Professional OBD2 scanners can read and clear the fault codes. These fault codes can be from anywhere in the car. It could be from the Ac or seat controls. It can do the functions of a basic scanner. Along with that, the professional scanner can clear the fault codes from Anti-lock brakes, Climate control, Traction Control, etc. This professional scanner can activate the sensors in the car for you to troubleshoot the issues with the car.

It is always better to get one of these scanners for an immediate use rather than going to a mechanic and spending money there. However, if you are not confident enough, it is better to go to an experienced person before you buy the scanner to avoid any quality issues.