Get The Best Of Both Worlds – Use MS Office 2016 For Mac

MS Office 2016 For Mac

If you love to work with MS Office but prefer using Mac over Windows, then a product tailored-made for geeks like you is here – MS Office 2016 for Mac. After years of being neglected, the new Office for Mac has come of age. This version of Office for Mac has closed the gap between the various features and has brought about a harmonious interface between Mac and Windows – a real blessing for people who work across different platforms. Download Microsoft office for Mac to enjoy working with this smart and modern design that can boost your productivity through various tools.

We have taken some valuable inputs from the software specialists at to outline the best features that this collaboration has to offer. The features are mostly on par with the Windows version with only some gaps in Excel and PowerPoint. Let us explore some of the highlights of this suite that promised to offer document compatibility and feature parity between the two operating systems. Here, we will take a closer look at how well this interface seems to work.

Looks Matter
For an Office for Mac 2011 user, the difference in the visual aesthetics between 2011 and 2016 versions would be immediately apparent. In the newer version, Microsoft has embraced well-known Mac features like the Full-screen view, Multi-Touch gestures and Retina display support to create a more seamless experience for the user. If you are someone familiar with Office, you would be at ease with using this Office for Mac version as it has the expected ribbon interface and the useful task panes. By adopting the Mac technologies, Office for Mac ends up providing documents that are sharper and more vibrant.

This product is fully compatible with Office for Windows besides being backward compatible with the older versions of Office used on both the platforms. The compatibility of documents has significantly improved in this new version, with more functions in Excel and PowerPoint making its appearance in the Mac. There are collaboration as well as co-authoring tools that are great to use. While different people are working on the same document, the threaded comment feature is a useful tool for communication.

Applications Available In This Suite
This suite has the following applications:
· Excel – this is used as a spreadsheet application which uses data analysis along with visualization tools.
· Outlook – can be used as time and information manager which integrates various functions like email, calendar, contacts, etc.
· PowerPoint – is used as a presentation graphics tool which can provide text, graphics and animation capabilities.
· Word – is used as a word processor with compelling features.
· OneNote – is a note-taking application that can allow various contents to be shared among team members.

Enterprise and education users would be grateful for this product as it helps to integrate the managed systems using different platforms to work smoothly together. This is going to benefit businesses that have their customers using the Windows and/or Mac ecosystem. Before buying, consumers are advised to check the tangible benefits and to ensure that their oft-used features are still available in this version.